L.J.'s is a video poker casino located on HWY 1 in Mansura, LA about 2 miles south of the Paragon Casino. We have state of the art VLC and Summit video poker machines with promotions going on weekly and also come in and sign in for the VIP card. Our staff is very fast, friendly and well trained and we are happy to say, most have been there since our opening day of November 3, 1999. L.J.'s is open all year long except for Christmas. You select whether you want to use our nickel or our new quarter machines. We offer complimentary soft drinks, juice, and coffee. The atmosphere is very friendly, relaxed and low key. We strive to keep our customers comfortable with very plush stools and surroundings. We are located adjacent to the Shell station and we also have Home Run Pizza located in the building with us, they offer a variety of pizza and the "all you can eat" pizza buffet, fresh salads on the salad bar and also a pasta bar. We also have plenty of parking spaces for automobile and tractor trailer rigs.

Come in and visit with us and see our giant alligator, play our loose machines, meet our friendly staff and have a good time at L.J.'s and remember always, "L.J's, Video Poker Casino, Where the winnings never end."